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Fire Alarm Installation in Boston, Massachusetts

American Service Company based in Quincy, Massachusetts, offers reliable fire alarm services to companies. Find out more about our alarm system company and our expert services.

Building Reports
When you are looking for a building report for your next big project, look no further. American Service Company offers JCAHO building reports for local fire departments, the State of Massachusetts Fire and Safety departments, and your insurance underwriter. We are also a UL-listed service agency, allowing us to offer reduced insurance premiums. Our company is able to put a UL on the fire alarm systems or security systems as installed and maintained, and we are audited by UL.

Maintenance Contract
American Service Company offers maintenance contracts for organizations such as health care. A maintenance contract is divided into 2 functions. One function is the actual maintenance of the system and the second function is for service of that system. Up to 90% of our fire and security alarms are done in hospitals.

We have extended warranties to add to the manufacturer's warranty to extend the life of the system. Our contracts have extended warranties that can be chosen to suit the needs of the business or corporation. If you prefer having certain parts of a warranty added, we are able to do that. It is all dependent on the extended warranty that you choose.

Fire Alarm and Extinguisher, Fire Alarm Services in Quincy, MA

Fire Alarm Services
Our experience with all the major manufacturers puts us in the best position to complete installation of most fire alarm equipment. In addition, we have the in-house design and engineering capabilities to install complete systems for your buildings. We also provide the services for installation of central station monitoring equipment. Specifically, we test, maintain, and repair initiators including all manual pull stations, heat detectors, smoke detectors, supervisory equipment, notification equipment and all battery and power supplies. Our testing, maintenance and repair service include:

• Testing
• Cleaning
• Fire Drills
• Repairing
• Troubleshooting
• System Modifications
• Resets after Fire Alarms
• System Shut-Downs & Restores
• Replacement of Defective Components
• Coordination with the Local Fire Department


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